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Online Business marketing is a necessary task for any business to grow, but without the right course of action, your target audience may be left confused, or worse yet, turned off by your brand strategy.

Importance of Colour Choices

DON’T use tacky colours that hurt viewers eyes during their browsing session. If the colors are stressful (neon’s, bright words with a black background, too much contrast, etc.), it may hurt the readers eyes, giving them little choice but to not view your content or social media.

Online Business Marketing

Be mindful with Target Audience

DO be mindful of your target audience and their preferences. Using a placid and mild color scheme for more conservative audiences, but more poppy and fun colors for younger or trendy audiences can make all the difference. 

Distracting Visuals

DON’T use visuals that move all over the place or distract the viewer from the overall message. Trying to be quirky with animation can lead to lost sales due to a lack of focus. 

Subtle Animations

DO use subtle animations that can help the viewer find what they are looking for . Chat boxes for support or popup bubbles that only appear after being scrolled over are non-invasive and friendly forms of animation that don’t interfere with viewing pleasure.Basic Info

Informative Content

DON’T try to sell the moon. Keep all your content precise and to the point. If you are selling a product, give the basic information about it that is relevant to your audience since you cannot sell to everyone.

Product Discription 

DO be mindful of the pro’s of the product and boost them. Naming 3-5 outstanding elements of your product can draw the reader to want to learn more about the other pro’s.

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Marketing Management

DON’T be flaky with your marketing management. Using a schedule for posts is a simple and effective way to keep posts regular and up-to-date. Being flaky shows little regard for the businesses brand.

Social Media Promotions

DO use social media management on a regular basis and offer promotions from time to time to prompt more interest. If there are regular offers or fun deals, it will engage your target audience much more.

DON’T be spontaneous with your business marketing.

DO understand your business model fully and demonstrate why it is worthwhile.

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