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How To Measure Content Marketing To Reach Your Goals


What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of using a series of different types of written media with an emphasis on growing a targeted following. Blogs, social media, and websites use content and SEO (search engine optimization) to allow their media to rise organically in search engines such as Google and Bing.

So What Makes Good Content?

Depending on the consumer base, content should include three E’s, which include:

  • Entertaining content
  • Enlightening content
  • Educational content

Having all three is an essential component of any advertising technique or content strategy.

Entertaining Your Target Audience:

Keeping your content relevant, fresh, and funny is a personable way to emphasize your business’ model socially. Being bland is not taken lightly in the realm of social media and the blogosphere, so try your hand at more expressive and lively content marketing. Giving your brand a bit of personalized and humble appeal is always a wise step in the development of a branding scheme.

TIP: Youtube videos that have funny or quirky content can be a great way to engage visual learners.

Enlightening Content Marketing:

Content marketing techniques such as blogging and guest posts can be appealing to many different crowds, so giving insight into issues related to your target audience can stir interest. Project your business model outward and involve your viewers in your everyday work environment to allow them to understand what products or services they should expect.

Educational Content Marketing:

Educational material is a great step for any content strategy. Entertaining content can be good, but if it doesn’t enlighten or teach, then it will likely lose a large chunk of your target audiences’ attention. Quick statistics on the newest social media trends, or information about what makes your business stand out and why you can all put the ball back in your court.

Content should be targeted very specially, using all three E’s of content marketing. Branding your company in a flexible way is the best measure to gain leverage and interest from your target audience. Be mindful of focusing too much on one E, and try to incorporate all three into your marketing on a regular basis.

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