The age of business marketing is evolving on a daily basis due to the advent of digital cultures and the perseverance of global brand competitors. Below are some aspects of business marketing that cannot only strengthen your brand, but your team as well. “You don’t win with the best talent – you win with the five players who are able to play well together” – Sportscaster CONSTANTLY LEARN ABOUT YOUR FIELD: Learning about your field seems simple enough, but with the rise of social media, smart phones, tablets, and platforms such as Flip Board, there is a constant barrage of new information. Learning to sift out only the most valuable information from both your field and your competition is the best way to understand what relevant information your should absorb on a daily basis. Learn about your target audience so that you can corral all the information into easy-to-process chunks that are relevant to your branding strategy.


A strong environment that encourages team building is a great way to integrate a series of versatile minds that adjust to any wave of discord that may come along. Having the best players by yours side ensure that your team has a strong backbone. It is essential to gain insight into the creative and problem-solving process, but no one has all the answers. When developing a marketing strategy or a game plan for an upcoming campaign, listening to your team is vital to your success since it helps you develop stronger ideas. HINT: Listening to your competition is another great way to advance in your field. Louis XIV was always very cautious about saying too much and giving away his silent advantage.  He focused on learning more about his competition than they did about him, and that usually gave him the edge he needed to win in four major battles.


Having an out-of-the-box model is a great way to expand your business, but it also helps to have a strong plan for the future. For example, the greatest leaders in social media do not latch on to existing social media trends, they create new ones so that others latch on to them. It’s also critical not to forget that a strong business model is advantageous, but having the team mentality and man power to push forward into unchartered territory is what sets leaders apart from those who just get by. Want to take the plunge and try something new with your team? Try Appfy personalized training sessions in area of branding, analytics, and marketing. If you need a strong team mentality, Appfy can help.

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