Facebook is not only a great tool to connect with people and businesses, but it also works as a fun, easy, and cheap method of business marketing. By understanding some of the tools available on Facebook, you can utilize the social platform to help you promote and expand you brand, products, and services.


While the free side of Facebook (and most social media) is attractive, there are great start up tools that can enhance your business’ reputation for a fee. Overall, CPA (Cost-per-action) means that you are charged depending on the actions a viewer engages in, much like a pay-per-click campaign. There are a series of different and customized elements such as likes, shares, etc., that all correspond with your Facebook page.


Many smaller and startup businesses may have little to no specific understanding of their target audience, which can be a problem in the long run. Knowing your niche is incredibly important to both engage potential consumers and to establish a strong brand identity.

Custom Audiences on Facebook has an easy-to-use approach that helps you understand your target audience in order to build a stronger social media strategy. You can utilize information from other companies to leverage a better understanding of your potential consumer base.


Making use of display ads and promoted posts can be extremely useful, since Facebook has such a large potential viewing audience. You can us Custom Audiences to specify a target audience, and use Promoted Posts to tag areas relevant to the niche you hope you target. Display ads are used just as banner advertisements are used, and are targeted to the specific audiences that could utilize your companies products or service.

Facebook business marketing is a great, cost effective way to set a steady marketing budget, find your target audience, and target them with advertisements that are useful to them.

Appfy can help you engage in, promote, and expand your Facebook presence to help you target the right audience for your business model.

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