Consumer reviews and testimonials are a great way to boost traffic and interest in your company, alongside other marketing strategies. With the advent of easily-accessible information and review abilities, the market for reputation management has taken off. This costly practice is often used to minimize the impact of negative reviews, so if you can avoid using such means, you can save money and build a great company brand identity in the process.


A consumer review is a great way to get a realistic perspective of a product or service without relying on white-washed or biased reviews provided by the company itself. A raw look into what makes a business special stands out, and is often deliberately sought out, especially since the advent of mobile marketing. By reading reviews on a smart phone, potential consumers can choose the food they want to eat, in what area of town, and pick the one with the highest rating without leaving the comfort of their car; this extends to all other business models.


Consumer reviews are valuable, but should be authentic. If you have no reviews, try making your information more accessible on different platforms such as Bing, Google Plus, and Yelp. All these sites can hold testimonials, ratings, website information, and reviews, which allows potential consumers to click on your site if they like what they have read.


Bribing random people or friends to write reviews online is not only obvious, it takes away from the real input your business should have. A negative review could serve as a valuable tool to enhance your business model, potentially leading to much happier customers down the line. Using online offers or contests to encourage reviews can help kick start the cycle and leave you with amazing insight into what your business is lacking or what customers really like about your company.

Kick starting reviews for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Let Appfy help you promote and expand your online presence with our qualified team today!

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